Emmi Ro

Instagram is a funny little thing... 

Emily was in the process of a re-brand and searching for a photographer but was struggling to find the right fit. As she puts it in her newest Hashtag Tutorial, "A while ago I was looking for a photographer for my re-brand and started my search with Google. I was overwhelmed with the number of results, but underwhelmed by the quality. Most of the results seemed to be lame paid listings. So, I searched the hashtag #minneapolisphotographer on Instagram and found @kelleydesmit. Her style was exactly what I was looking for and within seconds I was on her website, emailing her and booking a session!" 

We met for coffee and quickly felt like long time friends.  You can learn more about how Emmi Ro specializes in social media, branding and creative direction for the modern entrepreneur over on her website.  You'll want to stay up to date on her latest tutorials as well so go give her a follow on Instagram @emmirocreative.