Jess and Matt // South Minneapolis Engagement

Jess and Matt. 

Sometimes when I'm lucky, clients become friends. Sometimes when i'm really lucky, friends become clients. 

I've known Jess for several years, she is a dear friend of one of my dearest friend and now my friend (that's a lot of friending). I met Matt shortly after these two returned stateside from Thailand and settled back in the Twin Cities. I've always been drawn to Jess's curious, kind and friendly nature and it only makes sense for her to spend forever with someone like Matt, he is ambitious, listens intently and is full of energy.

We chose to start their engagement session just a few blocks from their Minneapolis abode at Caffeetto Coffee, a favorite of theirs. From there we roamed between side streets and quiet alleyways in quiet little pockets of South Minneapolis. Enjoy this session, it's one of my favorites to date. 

Jill and Brandon // Boom Island Engagement

I could tell we were going to get along when they asked if i'd meet them at the Moose on Monroe to talk wedding shop. 

Jill came across my work through a mutual friend (thank you Jenna!) and decided to reach out. I sat in my car after our first meeting and thought to myself - If they don't pick me to be their wedding photographer, I really hope we can still hang out. 

These two are joyous and their happy go lucky personalities are contagious. There isn't a serious photo in the group, mainly because Jill literally can't not smile. I'll be with them next year as they say I do and I couldn't be more thrilled.