Andrea and Ryan

Or should I say, Andrea, Ryan and Pico.

These two are seriously impressive. They are engaged and planning a wedding, recently bought a new home, and welcomed their new pup, Pico, to the family. On top of that they are the definition of calm, cool and collected. 

We wanted Pico to join for a few snapshots, so we decided to kick-off our photo escapade in the warmth of their new home. From there, we hopped in my Honda Fit  <the only reason I'm telling you that we hopped in my Honda Fit is that I am still shocked Ryan's legs fit!> and headed to Minnehaha Falls. 

Typically, there a several sets of stairs you can take to access the falls. In the winter, the stairs cease to exist. What were once stairs had transformed into a human ice luge... Carefully, and without injury, we made our way down. I'm so glad we did.

I'm grateful these two have invited me to tell their story. September can't come soon enough!